Waldorf Teacher Training Colorado

Waldorf Teacher Training in Fort Collins

Photo of man standing near water at Horsetooth Reservoir Fort Collins, Colorado

Colorado teachers don’t need to travel to the coast for training this summer. We are having training right here in Fort Collins, Colorado (an hour north of Denver) in June 2020. All teachers that are using the practical arts (Woodworking, Handwork, Pottery, Metal Work, Glass, Sculpting, Blacksmithing, Basketry and more–you know, all the cool stuff!) to educate students are welcome. I am excited to welcome classroom teachers, curious public school teachers and homeschool teachers, too. For more information

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We Offer Professional Development, Training or Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

In 2020, attendees at Wool Wood Wax will be issue a certificate that specifically states the following, that you can submit for possible CEU credit according to your state’s rules for renewal of an educator’s license. Be sure to sign the attendance forms verifying your attendance and completion of workshop available each day.

  • applicant’s name
  • date of the workshop
  • name of the workshop
  • contact/clock hours earned (see below for more information)
  • each sessions date, time session met, title of session, and names of the presenters
  • Wool Wood Wax representative’s signature

Please note: Rules for CEU credit are set by each state and are subject to revision and change. While we will do our best to provide you with the information you need, please consult your own licensing agency for the official rules.

On Handwork

Renate Hiller, Spinning Video on You Tube

Because you can never watch this too many times. I love her demonstration of spinning on a rock.

One summer day I set out to do this and I quickly realized all the skill this took. First, I found that some rocks worked better than others. Second, I learned that I didn’t know how to tie a secure knot around a rock!

I love her reference to practical work and the professions. I am striving to bring both of these items to our curriculum. I found her comments about children being drawn to practical work to be especially true in kindergarten, but I saw it just recently when we had a spinner come to school. That spinner was like a stop sign that children could just not pass without stopping!

I do believe that handwork brings healing to the children in my classroom. AND to the adults. Just this week, a coworker said she liked being in handwork for the opening and closing verses. “I just need that nurturing.”

Glad to be of service to these beings.

Win This Postcard Set

Help us plan next summer’s workshop and we will enter you in a drawing to win a complete seasonal set of 12 postcards from the lovely artist Marna Widom, at Twelve Little Tales. The postcards make lovely additions to a seasonal display and are perfect for sending as encouragement to a student that is striving. To be eligible for the drawing your survey must have your email information (so I’ll know how to contact you to mail your prize) and be completed by December 19th. Complete your survey here:

Wool Wood Wax Pre-Event Survey for Waldorf Teachers

Concave and Convex Woodworking

Steiner Says Series

I’ll have a Steiner quote in mind as I work with our sixth graders this morning who are carving the convex form of a spinning top. It will take a strong will to keep that knife carving on this snowy morning; the last day before a nine day Thanksgiving break.

I’ll be thinking of this quote again when we return from break when I will bring out the plasticine and model forms with all classes. Here is the quote…

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Handwork Teacher Training 2020

Looking for Waldorf Teacher Training in the arts and crafts, including Handwork? Here is a list of classes for Waldorf Teacher Training that have handwork focus and some focus on the other practical arts like woodwork, sculpture, pottery, metalwork and other manual and technical arts.

I keep adding events as I find them and I welcome your submissions. Here is a great place to start:

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Easy Story Starter for your Waldorf Winter Classroom

Waldorf Teachers Share What Works

Book Cover All Creation Waits

Winter is coming in the Northern Hemisphere. December will be full of busy workdays in my classroom as we work to get this semester’s projects heading home. But there will still be space to do some story telling. I’ll be turning to “All Creation Waits, The Advent Mystery of New Beginnings, by Gayle Boss” to round out my stories.

Reading for Waldorf Winter

My favorite story from the collection

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