How to Make the Most of a Difficult Time

There are many ways to teach practical arts beyond traditional Waldorf projects and it may just what parents need to hear while they are teaching amid COVID-19.

Sharing Ideas for Teaching Practical Arts from Zoom Call

Sharing ideas for teaching online and distance learning for Waldorf Handwork, Woodwork and Practical Arts Teachers

Where ARE the Updated Waldorf Curriculum Guides for Practical Arts?

Do you have anything current in your teaching library? I don’t! And Why IS That? I am so tired of reading the same old books about Waldorf projects. I’ve seen all the projects. I’ve been on all the Pinterest boards. I’ve googled “waldorf xxxx” a gazillion times. I’ve read all the articles in the WaldorfContinue reading “Where ARE the Updated Waldorf Curriculum Guides for Practical Arts?”

Waldorf Teacher Training Colorado

Colorado teachers don’t need to travel to the coast for training this summer. We are having Waldorf teacher training right here in Fort Collins, Colorado.

On Handwork

Renate Hiller, Spinning Video on You Tube Because you can never watch this too many times. I love her demonstration of spinning on a rock. One summer day I set out to do this and I quickly realized all the skill this took. First, I found that some rocks worked better than others. Second, IContinue reading “On Handwork”

Easy Story Starter for your Waldorf Winter Classroom

Waldorf Teachers Share What Works Winter is coming in the Northern Hemisphere. December will be full of busy workdays in my classroom as we work to get this semester’s projects heading home. But there will still be space to do some story telling. I’ll be turning to “All Creation Waits, The Advent Mystery of NewContinue reading “Easy Story Starter for your Waldorf Winter Classroom”