This June, Waldorf Handwork, Woodwork, Sculpture, Pottery and Practical Arts teachers from around the nation, will be gathering in Fort Collins, Colorado for the purpose of sharing ideas, deepening their understanding, and strengthening their skills. This is the only conference of its kind in North America and is in its inaugural year.

We invite you to join us in 2020 as a sponsor or supporter.

Wool, Wood and Wax would be fortunate to have the support of like-minded companies and organizations that appreciate the exposure that Wool Wood Wax Training Workshop offers. Your sponsorship or support will make it possible for us to provide high value to our attendees at an affordable cost. In return, we offer you the opportunity to reach our teaching professionals at our signature event.

We anticipate having a good turnout and lively group at the conference. Many attendees will come from schools that spend significantly on natural, sustainable and beautiful items for their classrooms. The annual budget and purchasing power of these attendees are often the highest supply budget for any area of the school.

All sponsors and supporters receive: Prominent on-site signage of Company logo the training • Listed with logo and link on Wool Wood Wax website home page • Recognized at the Mid-week Luncheon •

To confirm your sponsorship or support, please complete send your electronic logo and link for our website by email and remit payment to Wool, Wax and Wood, 603 Gilgalad Way, Fort Collins, CO 80526, with payment in full, by May 15, 2020. If you have questions, please contact us here.

We look forward to cooperating with you.

Daily Prize Bag Sponsorship

$50 merchandise value minimum

As a Daily Prize Bag Sponsor, in addition to the benefits above, you will also be named and your merchandise displayed during the daily prize drawing.

Lunch Supporter $300

As Lunch Supporter, in addition to the benefits above, you will also be recognized as the lunch sponsor on a second day of the event.

Break Supporter $100

As Break Supporter, in addition to the benefits above, you will also be recognized as the break supporter on each day of the event.

School Site Sponsorship Sponsorship Filled

As the conference center sponsor, you receive all the benefits above, plus other benefits as agreed upon together.

We are currently seeking a school site to host the 2021 training workshop.

Hands-On Training Material Sponsor

Material Value

As a Hands-on Training Material Sponsor, you receive all the benefits above, plus you get your product into the hands of teachers who are influencing the purchasing decisions at their schools. Each day of the conference has a hands on training course and both materials and tools will be needed for the event. Check out our schedule for more details

Speaker Supporter $1000

As a Speaker Sponsor, you receive all the benefits above, plus prominent signage on stage during the keynote address. This sponsorship is a valuable gift to our attendees as it supports the travel expenses and accommodations for our speakers.

Let’s build something together.