Call for Speakers

Isn’t it time to share what you’ve learned?

This is an open call for speakers and for passionate Waldorf Teachers with something to share. Our audience will want hands on craft training using Waldorf pedagogy, relevant lectures and topic facilitators.

The workshop will be held in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA.

All ideas will be carefully considered. If it is interesting and living for you, it may be interesting to other teachers. Selection criteria will include:

  • Applicability to a wide range of classrooms (offers something for teachers of elementary, middle school and high school students and/or teachers of different subjects)
  • Availability of tools and materials and affordability
  • Ability to transport resulting work in an airplane on the way home
  • Space requirement
  • Fits in our time frame. Ideas include:
    • Facilitate a book group discussion
    • 10 to 15 minute movement activity/song/game
    • 30 to 60 minute presentation/ facilitation
    • 30 minute to 3 hour hands on craft training
    • 30 minute to 60 minute experience with a material (clay modeling could be an example)
    • Lead the Choir for 30 minutes (especially with work songs or other music relevant to our work)
    • Keynote address

You might also just be interested in volunteering to take on a role during the workshop. Many hands make light work. Send an email if you could:

  • Read the questions aloud to the book club groups
  • Be timekeeper
  • Facilitate a show and tell question or session
  • Teach a song during Choir
  • Lead a 5 minute movement break or teach a game
  • Offer a lunch blessing

If you are interested in sharing what you know, please email the following information. Selections will be made by the end of January.