Elizabeth Seward Handwork Conference

February 15-19, 2020 East Bay Waldorf School

yarn ball and wooden needles

Elizabeth Seward is hosting a conference/ mini-retreat for handwork teachers on February 15 – 19, 2020.

The exact schedule is being shuffled but here are some highlights from Elizabeth: 

  1. We will use an informal theme of ‘thread’ through the conference, and examine both the warp and weft of the handwork curriculum, i.e. how handwork strengthens both the horizontal and vertical Waldorf curriculum.
  2. Spinning – how and why
  3. Second grade dyed and sewn pencil case with Shan Kendall
  4. Speech with Helen Lubin 
  5. Knots – practical, decorative, symbolic
  6. Temari balls with Yoriko Yamamoto – remember how it is to be a learner!
  7. Possibly some boro-style mending.
  8. More, in negotiation ……. 

Get more information by contacting Elizabeth at wandwofhandwork@gmail.com

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