On Handwork

Renate Hiller, Spinning Video on You Tube

Because you can never watch this too many times. I love her demonstration of spinning on a rock.

One summer day I set out to do this and I quickly realized all the skill this took. First, I found that some rocks worked better than others. Second, I learned that I didn’t know how to tie a secure knot around a rock!

I love her reference to practical work and the professions. I am striving to bring both of these items to our curriculum. I found her comments about children being drawn to practical work to be especially true in kindergarten, but I saw it just recently when we had a spinner come to school. That spinner was like a stop sign that children could just not pass without stopping!

I do believe that handwork brings healing to the children in my classroom. AND to the adults. Just this week, a coworker said she liked being in handwork for the opening and closing verses. “I just need that nurturing.”

Glad to be of service to these beings.

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