Handwork Teacher Training 2020

Looking for Waldorf Teacher Training in the arts and crafts, including Handwork? Here is a list of classes for Waldorf Teacher Training that have handwork focus and some focus on the other practical arts like woodwork, sculpture, pottery, metalwork and other manual and technical arts.

I keep adding events as I find them and I welcome your submissions. Here is a great place to start:

Updated 11/2019

  • Wool Wood Wax, Profesional Development Workshop for Waldorf Woodwork, Handwork and Practical Arts Teachers

Please share with others, and send any questions my way, as ever.

  • Elizabeth Seward’s 3rd Annual February Handwork Teachers’ conference. 
  • contact her at elizabethsewardauthor at gmail.com
    • We will welcome our colleagues Urd, Verdandi, and Skuld, to help us examine the flow of our lessons, from beginning to endings; how our handwork lessons help the children breathe through the day; and how we draw threads between our colleagues’ work and ours. We will also be making knots together, exploring and sharing braiding techniques, and making some beautiful temari balls. 
  • Our 8th Annual Summer conference will be July 13 – Friday 17 in the High Mojave Desert, registration will open in April
  • Our 2nd annual Parent Circle conference will be later in July, in Encino, (residential or  commutable in northern Los Angeles), registration will open in April
  • WPAT Waldorf Practical Arts Training at the Waldorf Institute of Southern California
    • http://waldorfpracticalarts.com/
    • During the February 2020 conference week WPAT started the third cycle with Module #1. They are postponing the Spring Module #2 in Los Angeles until at least June 22-27.

Suggest other listings in the comments below.

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