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Holding Space for Waldorf Handwork, Woodwork and Practical Arts Teachers to connect, create, share and be renewed in their work to develop the creative spirit in humankind.

We Are Better Together

Teachers in the Practical Arts have much to gain from gathering for deep conversation, focused study and joyful creation. With each bringing their own experience, it is in community that we can identify and develop ways to meet the needs of today’s children. We will gather in Fort Collins, Colorado during the summer of 2021, for lectures from passionate presenters, hands-on creating sessions and time to meet and learn from people teaching your age group and special subject.

In the meantime, we are connecting through the Wool Wood Wax Blog. Won’t you join us?

Teachers of the various areas of Practical Arts and Crafts (handwork, woodwork, pottery, sculpting, blacksmiths, glass work, stone carving, basket making, furniture making, leather work, jewelry making, shoe making, metal work and many more) are welcome no matter their level of experience or position. If you are curious about how to use practical skills to develop the whole human being, you are welcome in the circle. Our focus will be on Waldorf Education for grades 1-12. Private and Public Teachers, administrators, home school, and non-Waldorf teachers are welcome. We have things to offer you. We want to hear from you.

Our time together will be a mix of lecture from passionate professionals, small-group discussion, hands-on making and lively fellowship. In addition, the workshop will include opportunities to learn from today’s practitioners…and that includes you! Your direct engagement with students is a valuable thing and we want your insights, experiences, techniques and project ideas. Through sharing, you will leave with a treasure of relevant, classroom tested, ideas to bring home to your classroom.

If you feel moved to lead a session or hands on activity, you are encouraged to respond to our Call for Speakers.

Summer 2021 in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

Bring your family! Extend your stay! Nestled at the base of the Rocky Mountains in northern Colorado, Fort Collins is near Rocky Mountain National Park, has trails, camping and white water rafting along the nationally designated “Wild and Scenic” Poudre River, offers live music in the historic downtown, and is a craft beer destination. A short drive takes you to hot-springs, world class museums, and ancient ruins. Colorado offers all you need for play, exploration, reflection and fortifying your own soul.

Registration will open in January!

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The Conference Schedule makes room for passionate speakers, time for collaboration with others, creative skill development, healthy movement, healthy snacks, and time outdoors.

Registration includes all class time and materials, two daily healthy snacks, beverage breaks. Transportation, lodging, lunch and dinner are on your own. You will receive good options for these in late winter with plenty of time for booking..

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